Footage for 'Horizon' music video


The concept for this MV is to include a montage of footage that portrays joyous, inspirational, optimistic moments in life; things to hold on to through the toughest times.


You can be in the video, or not. It could be anything from your cat doing cat-things, going for beach walks during lockdown, or old holiday footage from pre-Covid times.


It just has to be a snapshot of a positive moment - whatever that means to you.


Video production will be taking place around the 25th July so feel free to film/send anything up to then. 


Footage can be filmed on phones or cameras. We just ask that it's filmed in landscape/horizontally mode (although if you have footage that's 'portrait' we might be able to include some 'vertical' shots).


Full credit will be given at the end of the video, which will be uploaded to YouTube and also linked with the documentary film that's currently in production. Feel free to email if you have any questions.


Footage can be sent directly to

Alternatively files can be sent through WeTransfer

The track is currently listed as private but is available to listen to here for now: Horizon track